Jehovah Witness

I am a Christian and I believe it is necessary to have knowledge of other religions. I don’t want my opinion in this, just facts about the religion and I mean no offense to anybody or any Jehovah Witnesses. If my facts are wrong please feel free to leave a comment.

Jehovah Witnesses believe in God, which they refer to as Jehovah, but do not believe in the Trinity; they also believe that Christ is Lord and Savior but not a part of the Trinity and that He is inferior to God. They use the Bible like Christians do, however, they use their translation of the Bible called the New World Translation of Holy Scriptures.

As for death, they believe that when you die you have no soul. When Jesus Christ comes back and resurrects the dead He will restore the soul and body. If you are a righteous person you will have everlasting life on the paradise earth and if you are unrighteous you will die and cease to exist. They do not believe in Hell, a place of eternal torment.

In the book of Revelation 14:1–5 they interpret the 144,000 it talks about to be the exact number Christians going to heaven to rule with Jesus. They believe that they are the only ones who will be part of the 144,000.

Each person of the Jehovah Witness faith is required to go out and witness and to upkeep all things right in God’s eyes. They cannot celebrate religious holidays such as Christmas or Easter, which come from other religions, and cannot celebrate birthdays. If a person of the Jehovah Witness faith is found guilty of a serious sin they could possibly, at the worst, face being disfellowshipped, which is a form of shunning. Members still of the Jehovah Witnesses are taught that interacting with a disfellowshipped individual puts the congregation at risk of immoral influence. Disfellowshipped individuals can be reinstated if found fully repentant of their immoral actions.

Their take on values today believe abortion and homosexuality are wrong and sins. They believe that men are the head of the household and women are the caretakers. Jehovah, God, hates remarriage unless divorce occurred as a result of adultery but divorce is permitted under that circumstance. Service in any form to the government, military and political, isn’t allowed. They can only pledge allegiance to the Kingdom of Christ. Blood transfusions are considered wrong because God says that the soul is in the blood.

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