Guilt plagues many people and it drains you both physically, emotional and spiritually. It weighs you down and tries to bring you down. However, the only way to avoid it is to simply do what is right. Don’t take the easy choices just for the sake that they are easier than the right choice.

Seek forgiveness, first from God, for what you’ve done that has made guilt plague you. Then, seek forgiveness from the person(s) you have wronged. And, finally, forgive yourself. Don’t hold the guilt on yourself when God has forgiven you. When He has forgiven you, you no longer have to hold onto the guilt.

But don’t confuse forgiveness with removal of consequences. God forgives us but we still have to pay the prices for our sins, we have to accept the consequences but not let the consequences blind or hold us back from God.

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4 Responses to Guilt

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  3. CiteSimon says:

    “When He has forgiven you, you no longer have to hold onto the guilt.” Thank you!

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