Leap of Faith

Most people doubt God or have doubts about God in their lives. People doubt because our minds just can’t fathom how God always existed. Some people can’t even fathom that He exists at all.

Luke 8 : 25 “And He said to them, [Why are you so fearful?] Where is your faith (your trust, your confidence in me — in My veracity and My integrity)? And they were seized with alarm and profound and reverent dread, and they marveled, saying to one another, Who then is this, that He commands even wind and sea, and they obey Him?”

The Bible says “In the beginning God” and that is what causes so many people to stumble. That statement implies that God always was there. In the beginning of time God was there. How could God be there, though? How could He exist before the world was even created? Surely the Bible can’t be true, because nothing can just exist. Surely the Bible can’t be true because the world wasn’t made like that. Words weren’t spoken and it just happened. It can’t be true.

People all have their doubts, and people choose what to do about their doubts. To overcome doubts about something you must have a little bit of faith that it might be true or it might be false. Either way you must have faith.

Each person has a choice of what to believe but for me personally I choose to believe that God did always exists and that He still exists. I choose to believe in Him, His Word and His Son. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that God always was and always will be but I lean on my faith in Him and trust in Him.

Call it a leap of faith. I believe in Him and accept that He always was despite the fact that my human mind can’t comprehend. It is my faith that allows me to believe in it and my faith is all the evidence I need.

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