See Things the Way They Should Be, Not How They Are

What did a lack of patience cost McManus? It cost him the use of his legs.

What did his determination earn him? His determination, his desire to accomplish what he set his mind to, got him the use of his legs back. God saw that he wasn’t going to let other define what he could/couldn’t do in his life.

What you expect from yourself and your life has a direct effect on what you will get out of life. How you imagine yourself and your future has a huge effect on what actually happens. Creating the life of your dreams begins with the dream. It begins with the ability to imagine yourself differently than you are and your life differently than it is.

To me this is saying that we have to step up and control our own lives. We can’t just accept things, we need to make our own path. We need to see things how they will be, not how they are right now, and we need to strive to achieve that. If our vision is in line with what God sees then there is no end to how big of a picture we see.

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