Can Your Dream Become Reality?

1. When our dreams are in line with our talents what happens? You not only dream big but will live big too.

2. What is the power we get when we dream in line with our talents and with God in our side? We tap into our spiritual potential and we make our dreams a reality.

Sometimes our capacity to dream of a different us, of a different life, is beaten up and left broken by people and pain and disappointment. Sometimes what should be a dream inspiring us is actually a fantasy distracting us.

This, to me, is saying that if you have a dream don’t let people break that dream. It may be hard to keep a hold of your dream, but if your dream is truly meant to become reality then you will persevere and your dream will come true. Also, it is saying you need to realize which dreams are actually dreams and which ones are fantasies, that won’t become reality, that just hold us back.

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