O Ye Of Little Faith

1. What fuels our dreams? Passion

2. What does the future need? It needs people who dream God-sized dreams, people that are living the dreams directly influenced by God.

I think a lot of our prayers make God wonder why we think so little of him. I can just imagine God looking at us and asking us, “What do you want?” Then he shakes his head and thinks, If I could just get you to believe more, to care more, to want more than you’re asking for.

Jesus said it multiple times in the Bible “O ye of little faith.” We see the examples of the people in the Bible, the disciples being the main ones I think of, and how they feared and marveled at the many things Jesus did. It’s easy to read about them and say “How can they do that? Why do they keep forgetting the amazing power of God?” But do we not do they same thing? We pray to God and ask for little and then are shocked that He answered our prayer.
Why are we of so little faith that we marvel at the small things and don’t even think to ask God for more? We need to be people of greater faith, realizing that God can and will do the things we ask for and dream of. Now, just because you pray for a Ferrari doesn’t mean it’ll happen but if it is Gods will for you to have a Ferrari then it’ll happen. Just believe in God, believe in His awesome power.

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