Dry Bones

In my last devotion I talked about the world we live in today being a “me first, you later” mentality. And our world is like that because there are too many people who don’t know the one true God who cares for all.
The people with that mentality are the people who are dry bones. It’s like what the Lord showed the prophet Ezekiel. The Lord showed Ezekiel a valley filled with old, dry bones and asked him “Son of man, can these bones become living people again?” Ezekiel believed that only God could know and do that but God told him that if he only speak the words in His name then it’ll be. Ezekiel spoke and the dry bones became flesh and then breathed.
The “me first, you later” mentality is what comes from people who are like the dry bones. They dream small things and don’t dream God’s dreams. They are only half living and half dreaming. They need the power of God to make them become living and breathing again. The dry bones become flesh and the half awake dreams becomes dreams that are dreamt wide awake when God stands behind the power.

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