I’ve always wondered what it would be like if humans could use all their brain capacity. But the question that always sticks in my head when I think of that is: How would we see the world?
In Erwin’s book he talks about Adam and how God gave him the task of naming all the animals. Erwin brought something to my attention that I hadn’t thought of from this part of the Bible.
How many of us know all the animals? How many of us can name all the birds? All the snakes? All the fish?
As Adam was naming all the animals he could tell the difference between them all and he understood them. Adam, through God, had a limitless learning capacity.
Would we be like Adam, then, if we could use all of our brain? Would we just look at things and understand everything about them?
What great power God has that would allow Adam limitless learning. Through God we can still be this way. God can grant us the ability to just understand which will be fueled by our curiosity and will shape our dreams.

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