Can Curiosity Be A Killer?

Being a younger sibling I’ve always looked to my older sister. I’ve seen the things she has done and I’ve learned some of what to do and what not to do based on her experiences. But I still have had to learn some of the most important lessons in my life the hard way. . . And all because I was too stubborn and I was determined to find out for myself.
As a child, and still sometimes as a teenager, I’ve ignored the wisdom of people around all in favor of finding out for myself. Some of the consequences have changed my life forever while some are just small things that affected me just a little bit.
But the point of my devotion today is exactly what Erwin McManus said:

Not everything you are to learn has to be learned by experience. Some things you should learn through the wisdom of others who have failed, and some things you should learn by having confidence in God and building your life on his shared wisdom.

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