Overflowing Grace

Life is filled with unforeseen boulders, and you must become the river. The higher the water, the less the boulders can slow its progress. A great destiny is not a tightrope but a river. It is not balance you need but adaptability. Missteps are permissible but not rigidity. You must be willing to reimagine, to relearn, and to reinvent yourself.

Something struck me when I read this. When you look at a river is it not more stunning and eye catching when the water if flowing fast and the river is full? How often do we stare in awe at a river that all you can see is the boulders and water trickling in between them? Life is more beautiful and more fulfilling when we are like the flowing and full river.
Lets all try, myself included, to be like the flowing river. Lets be overflowing with the grace of God. Lets be the river that isn’t stopped or directed but the boulders in our way. Lets be the river that flows and branches off, creating new and just as stunning rivers that lead to lakes and oceans. Lets all be Christians so overflowing with God that His grace continues on in the lives of the people we touch.

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One Response to Overflowing Grace

  1. Mike Foshee says:

    Very Moving, I’m really gonna miss you when you graduate.

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