Faith Like Water

As a follower of Jesus Christ, you need to learn how to be flexible. You need to learn how to bend without breaking. Often people of faith are perceived as dogmatic, rigid, and unchanging. Do you know why? Well, because they are dogmatic, rigid, and unchanging. The perception is pretty accurate.

Just like the flowing river, we need to be flexible; we need to be able to bend and twist but not break.
I believe everyone needs to freshen up the water, keep the water moving so it doesn’t become stagnant water. Who wants to drink from stagnant water? Nobody. But fresh water, straight from the stream right after the winter snow melt, that is the good stuff right there.
As Christians we shouldn’t let our faith become stagnant, our faith shouldn’t become something that turns people away. Instead,Christians should freshen up their water. Christians need to have tasteful, refreshing and invigorating faith like water from the snow melt. But instead of just for a small while after the freshening of faith our water should be replenished and always fresh.
I challenge every Christian, myself included, to not only have faith like a rushing river that isn’t stopped by the boulders in its path but to also have faith like the snow melt water. I challenge you to constantly refresh your faith that will replenish both yourself and others.

Just like this river, let your water, your faith, pave the way.

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