Strangely enough, this is what a life of expectation is like. When you expect, it pulls you forward through inspiration and optimism and pushes you forward through confidence and courage. Expectation propels you forward-sometimes it pulls you and sometimes it pushes you. Faith pushes you to pursue a God-sized dream, and hope pulls and inspires you to never quit until it is a reality. When we live lives of expectation, we are guided by faith and driven by hope to do nothing less than create the future.

What the world expects of us and what God expects of us are different things. Think of it like you are hidden away from the world, locked inside a room with no way of getting out. This is what the world wants us to believe. The world doesn’t want us to go away, it wants to keep us close. But God wants us to expand our world. He wants us to see the world the way He does and experience it like He does. His expectations are different from the world’s and we should live out His expectations, not the worlds.

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