The Believer

The devotions I’ve done this week can be summarized into this:
Christians sometimes stumble, and fall, in our faith but Jesus can help get us back up in our feet. Instead of wallowing in self pity that we aren’t perfect like Him we need to get back up. And Christians shouldn’t blind themselves to the world. We need to know the world but not let it ensnare us. We need to see the whole picture through the eyes of God than the eyes of our worldly bodies.
However, we need to be knowledgable of the world but not living up to the worlds expectations of us. We need to aim high and strive to do what God expects of us. And lastly, we don’t need to try to limit God. If we are to see the whole picture and not fall prey to the world then we need to have God in our whole life moving through us.
To sum it all up into a single sentence I would say this: Fully trust in God and allow Him to make you like a flowing river, where your faith is so great it can’t help but be spread to the people around you, creating new life in once dried up lives.

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