These two scenarios are not a contradiction to God. He never intended all of our lives to be the same. God’s promise is not that everything will go well for us but that our lives will be well lived.

I believe that every single person at one point in their lives asked the question: Why is this happening? Christians even ask that question.
I mean, why in the world would a God who cares for the smallest and biggest of things, a God who’s power we can’t even begin to truly comprehend, let bad things happen to us? We are Christians, we are His chosen! So why does it seem like we are in a raging storm all the time?
The truth is that God has different plans for different people. And He always uses the storms we go through to better His children. . . If they allow Him to. He isn’t a God that forces Himself on the unwilling.
The point is: God is a kind, loving God. He cares for us all and, even though we can’t always understand it, His plans are different for each of us. No two people are the same and no two people will have the same life that God wants us to live. They might be along the same path, but each person is unique and each plan that God has is unique.
Just trust in God, strengthen your faith in Him, and you won’t have the doubt creep in. For doubt leads to questioning Him.

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