The Seer

In our daily lives practically everyone has a daily routine. For me, my alarm rings at either 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. I sit up in bed turn the alarm off and go about my business, get breakfast and sit down to enjoy it, brush my teeth, pack my lunch and get in the car to head off to school. But every morning there is one thing I always depend on… Coffee. If I don’t get coffee in the morning I feel so sluggish throughout the rest of the day
Without that daily cup, or two, of coffee my day is completely changed. And just like that cup of coffee if we don’t have a refreshment of God in our spiritual lives then we feel sluggish.
My devotions Overflowing Grace, Faith Like Water and Like A River can tie directly into this devotion.
We want to have overflowing faith in God and not faith like stagnant water. We need to have our daily refreshment of God and I challenge everyone to start doing so. And if you already are, good for you, but can you not do it more? Every moment spent with God will not be wasted time for we will grow every second we spend in God’s presence. Lets all grow in God daily.

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