Where Are You Going?

Because what you focus on is where you’re going, which, by the way, is the first adjustment you have to make to get your life in focus.
You have to ask yourself, Where am I going? Are you going somewhere that would bring you the life of your dreams? Are you going where you were created and designed to go, or are you headed in a dangerous direction that will end up bringing you incredible pain and disappointment?

When you focus in the wrong things you will start going in the wrong direction. And changing your focus can be one of the most difficult things to do.
Erwin used the example of learning to ride a bike, you don’t focus on what’s ahead a until someone shouts “Looks out for that tree” and then all your focus is on the tree ahead. Since your focus is on that tree you keep heading towards that tree. Your focus is on the wrong thing so you keep going towards the wrong thing.
The same can be applied to our everyday life. If you are only focused on the negative them all you will see is the negative. If you are always focused on the wrong people then you will keep spending time with the wrong people. And in our religious walk, if you’re focused only on your sins then you’re going to keep sinning.
But changing your focus from the wrong to the right is a difficult thing. The first step in doing so would be concentration. Tear your focus away and concentrate on what you should. While you may be afraid, just remember that with the right focus you can become so much stronger.

Your potential becomes talent only when it is harnessed and developed. Your talents become strengths when they are focused and directed. It is here where you begin to discover who you are and the potential God has placed within you.

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