Setting Your Sights

Life comes at you fast and hard, with multiple options and opportunities and with endless variety and variations. If you do not know who you are and who you are becoming, if you do not have your hot center fueled by your core values, you will over and over again make wrong choices. Life rarely sends you a warning shot. You don’t usually get advance notice on the most critical decisions of your life. If you haven’t defined who you are at the core, you will find yourself making choices that lead you down a path you would have never chosen if you could have thought more clearly.

Every bad decision we make is the result of a lack of focus on the right things in our lives. It’s quite possible that the one thing we need to focus on the most is the thing we avoid the most. We need our focus to be on God, and if we don’t focus on God our lives are played out of focus. Our lives will play out like watching a movie that was filmed with a smeared lens; the picture is blurred and you can’t see clearly. My challenge to everyone, including myself, is to clean up your lens. Just like people want a clear and focused picture in a movie, we should focus our lives and live them out with clarity. Let us all ask the questions “Where am I going?” “What should I be doing?” and “Who am I becoming?”
But most importantly, we should ask: “Am I living out the plan God has for me?” If you can’t answer that question then you know where to start. Start with praying to Him.

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