A Beautifully Scarred Gallery

I love the metaphor of a modern graffiti artist. Most of our art is left to the streets. We will never grace the walls of the Getty or the Louvre. Yet our lives are no less a work of art. It just may be more graffiti than impressionist. The canvas is nothing less than our lives. Yes, we are all artists. We are creating works that reflect the beauty and tragedy of the human soul.

I consider myself to be an artist, not the best of one but I can draw out something by looking at it and if I practice enough I can come up with my own based in previous pictures I’ve drawn. But that isn’t the kind of artist Erwin is talking about. Erwin says that “we are all artists” because, whether we realize it or not, we are painting our lives. Each choice we make creates a new color to add to the canvas that is our lives. And we hold the power of whether the canvas of our lives will be a beautiful masterpiece or undistinguishable art that leaves people questioning it.
If we focus on the right things then we will live a beautiful life. Even if it seems like our lives have messy points in them it is the final product that matters. Let us all focus on God and paint a canvas that reflects the good and the bad that shows the beautiful finished product.

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