Creative Differences

I want you to consider the possibility that God has designed a role for you in the creating of the future. It’s somewhat ironic how we are far more comfortable changing history or even making history than we are with creating the future. Every day, whether you recognize it or not, you are affecting the future. Every choice you make has momentum long past the action. Good choices create a better world and a better future.

As humans we don’t always make the best or the right decisions. But God can make a good future out of the bad decisions. It will be flawed some but that will make up the whole beauty of it. Just like I said in my devotion, A Beautifully Scarred Gallery: Each choice we make creates a new color to add to the canvas that is our lives. And we hold the power of whether the canvas of our lives will be a beautiful masterpiece or undistinguishable art that leaves people questioning it.
If we focus on the right things then we will live a beautiful life. Even if it seems like our lives have messy points in them it is the final product that matters. Let us all focus on God and paint a canvas that reflects the good and the bad that shows the beautiful finished product.

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