Wasted Time?

Self discipline is something that I believe every single person could use more of. I know that I could use self discipline when it comes to Starbucks coffee. I spend probably more money than I should on their coffee, but I tell myself as I drive up to it: “We’ll the coffee is good so why not?”
Why not? Why shouldn’t I spend $5 on a coffee that I will enjoy every last drop. The thing is though, that coffee will only last me so long and then it’s gone.
The lack of self discipline I have with coffee is the same that a lot of people have in their spiritual lives, and in their everyday lives. People tell themselves it’s alright because it’s not something bad and they will cherish it. But the truth is that if the things people focus on aren’t things that’ll help in the long run then they are just wasting time.
My challenge today is to focus on the right things. Focus on the things that you like but will also help in the long run, not just last you for a short time.

You have to make choices today that prepare you to be rightly positioned tomorrow.

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