Hidden Talents

Talent you don’t use is talent you have abused.

Are you using your God given talents? Are you afraid to use them because you don’t know how to use them? Do you hide your talent? Do feel insecure in your ability to use your talents? Or do you feel so proud of your talent you don’t want to share it? Whatever the reason, too many people don’t use their God given talents.
God knew us before we knew ourselves. He created us so of course He knows us! He made us with our talents because He knew that we could handle the talents He gifted us with. God knew that we could become so much, do so much, and handle it.
We need to use our talents and let them become part of us. If nobody had used their talents in the past think of all the things we wouldn’t have. We wouldn’t have phones, computers, television and COFFEE!! If someone hadn’t used their talent to figure out different ways to make delicious coffee I don’t know what I would do. My coffee wakes me up in the mornings. If someone hadn’t used their talent to build then we wouldn’t have furniture and homes. The list can go on and on.
Talent is everywhere in the things we take for granted. We should cherish those things and recognize the talent that was used to create them. And we should realize that God is the giver of those talents and that we have talents just waiting to be used.
It might not be building the next greatest invention, but it could be becoming the worlds greatest speaker, an inspiration to many. It might not be becoming the next Van Gogh, but becoming a strong Christian leader in your small town.
Whatever your talents may be, use them, and you can do great things for God.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not. ~ Dr. Seuss

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