Creative Freedom

We are creatures of creativity and invention and innovation.

God knows who we are, He knows us before we are born and He has plans for us. As humans, as Gods creation, we have the choice. We can choose to use our creative potential or just let it waste.

You are a creative being. You are at your core a spiritual being, and your spirit is by nature creative. Creativity is the natural result of spirituality. This is why every human being has creative potential. Yet your potential will only be fully expressed in relationship to the creative God who made you creative.

If we choose to use our creative potential then we have to tap into the ultimate source of that. We must have a relationship with God. Yes, we do have the potential in ourselves but that potential can’t be achieved unless you have a spark to ignite it.
Think of it like you’re trying to build a fire. You have the kindling and place to build the fire but your have no way to light the fire. If we don’t have God in our lives then our potential is just that, potential. It’s just a possibility, but with God that potential become a raging fire, it becomes an absolute.
So what will you choose? What will you do with your creative potential? Will you choose to let it stay a creative potential? Or will you choose to make it absolute creativity?

The question is not whether someone will lead the way in creating humanity’s future. The question is, will you be among them?

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not. ~ Dr. Seuss

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