Pleasure Seekers

When there’s an out-of-control fire, these hot shots start strategically positioned fires because they understand the only way to stop a devastating fire is to consume it with a new fire. That’s exactly what the Scriptures say. The only way you are going to stop being pulled around by destructive desires and passions is to allow God to awaken those passions and desires that will bring your life to wholeness and health and make you fully alive. You need to enjoy your life because it restores original intent. It takes you back to the way God created you. You’re supposed to enjoy your life. It’s a command.

When your life is an out-of-control fire you need a hot shot, or a disciple of God, to come and start new fires within you to stop the out-of-control fire. This mean you have to allow God into your life, and just like Erwin says, you have to allow Him to spark passions and desires that will bring your life to wholeness.
God designed us to be beings of passion and integrity. He wanted us to experience the world, not just live like robots who enjoy nothing. He created us the way He did because He had a plan for us. While His plan is different for everyone He does have one thing that He has planned for us all. He wants everyone to live life like it should be, filled with passions and desires that are fueled by Him. The underlying part of that is that God wants all of us to enjoy life with him, not just on the Earth but an eternity in Heaven.

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