Sacred Pleasure

Walk with God, and get ready-it’s going to be exhilarating. Life will become a gift. When you dream with your eyes open, even when you shouldn’t find joy, even when life comes at you hard, even when you have tremendous pain and disappointment and you have every good reason to lose your joy, deep in the core of your soul there will be an unshakable joy.

I believe what Erwin is, and has been, trying to say is that when you are living wide awake is when you are living so in tune with God that every moment in life, no matter the circumstances, you have pure joy.
You have the joy of Lord in your soul, all within you, and it can’t be stopped by things that get thrown at you in your life.
Think of it like this: A river is a natural force that when released from a dam can’t be stopped. It isn’t stopped by a few rocks and boulders in its path and it always leads to somewhere. Whether it leads to a bigger river, a lake, or the ocean it always has a greater destination. And a river always branches off, it’ll have streams flowing from it that turn into bigger rivers.
We should be like rivers when we are dreaming wide awake. Our joy, once we tap into it through God, should be like a river released from a dam. Our lives should be full and our joy not stopped by troubles. Our live should always lead to somewhere greater, because we all have a different life to live with different purposes and through God we can live them out. And our lives should always leave disciples in our wake, our joy should be so great because of God that people can’t help but notice and we can’t help but share.
God designed us all differently but one thing that is always the same is the pure joy that comes from living wide awake with God.

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