Move Fast, But Walk Slowly

The people you make time for will find time for you.

It is just like Jesus, who invested His whole life to the people. We must also invest our lives in people. We are all being called to invest in people, to spend our time helping them realize who God is and grow in Him. If we invest in people then we leave a legacy behind us. If we invest in worldly things then our legacy will be forgotten.
The second part to that is that after we invest our lives in people, we have to keep that investment. We can’t let it slip away, we have to hold on to it tightly and treasure it always. We have to always remember it and not get ahead of ourselves, we have to remember the people we invest in and treasure them. And we also have to remember them and adjust to them, for if we move too fast our investment, the person, gets left behind and we lose our investment.
Don’t lose the investments you make in people. Even when it all gets rough, remember the people you invest in and remember that even at the face of death Jesus never forgot His investments.

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