Finally, It’s all about me!!!

I’m a 17-year-old girl, who loves to be around family and friends. I am the youngest of two children and have grown up in a Christian home all my life. If you were to ask me to explain myself in one word it would be, stubborn. I am the kind of person where I’ll stand up for what I believe and I won’t easily be swayed.

Right now I am considering jobs in the U.S. Navy as a Medical Officer in the fields of Nursing or Psychology.


2 Responses to Finally, It’s all about me!!!

  1. samgray95 says:

    As one of your best friends I think this really sums you up. Short and sweet and to the point.

  2. susang97 says:

    Knowing you, I can completely agree that you are very stubborn. But more importantly I think it is a really good description of you, but you did leave out one thing… You gotta LOVE ME! for being an awesome friend of course.

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