Pleasure Seekers

When there’s an out-of-control fire, these hot shots start strategically positioned fires because they understand the only way to stop a devastating fire is to consume it with a new fire. That’s exactly what the Scriptures say. The only way you are going to stop being pulled around by destructive desires and passions is to allow God to awaken those passions and desires that will bring your life to wholeness and health and make you fully alive. You need to enjoy your life because it restores original intent. It takes you back to the way God created you. You’re supposed to enjoy your life. It’s a command.

When your life is an out-of-control fire you need a hot shot, or a disciple of God, to come and start new fires within you to stop the out-of-control fire. This mean you have to allow God into your life, and just like Erwin says, you have to allow Him to spark passions and desires that will bring your life to wholeness.
God designed us to be beings of passion and integrity. He wanted us to experience the world, not just live like robots who enjoy nothing. He created us the way He did because He had a plan for us. While His plan is different for everyone He does have one thing that He has planned for us all. He wants everyone to live life like it should be, filled with passions and desires that are fueled by Him. The underlying part of that is that God wants all of us to enjoy life with him, not just on the Earth but an eternity in Heaven.

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The Hedonist

So many things bring me pleasure. Life for me is an endless exploration of beauty and mystery. It’s not that I don’t have bad days; I do. We all do. But learning how to enjoy life when those tough days come at you is an art form. While life is filled with pain and sorrow along with celebration and laughter, the scriptures challenge us to find joy in every circumstance we face

I have to say, learning to enjoy life even during the tough days is a challenge that, well to be blunt, many people fail to overcome. And I can admit that I’ve been one of those people who have failed at that. There are, and always will be, challenges that will seem to be thrown at us in our lives. And the only real way that you can overcome those is to get in tune with God.
I mean just think about it, you have God on your side!! What wouldn’t give you joy about that?
I want to challenge everybody to find their joy through God and to keep that joy.

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Connections Essay

There are connections in everything, connections that extend beyond our understanding. These connections are patterns. Patterns are found everywhere, no matter where you look or go, there will be patterns all round you. There are patterns in the sheets in your bed or in the way your home was built. The possibilities of finding patterns are endless, you only need to recognize them.

Being able to recognize the patterns that fill the world is an important step in being able to understand the world and the way people are able to recognize patterns is by going through thought processes.
One of the most used thought processes is Comparing. When using this thought process a person looks for similarities in two or more objects. With Comparing two or more objects you find patterns of similarity.
The thought process that works right alongside with Comparing is: Contrasting. Contrasting is when a person looks for differences in two or more objects.
Recalling or Remembering is another main thought process in finding patterns. Recalling or Remembering is where a person brings to mind previously learned information. In finding patterns you would use these by using what you already know to state a fact or in some cases make an educated guess.
Which leads up to the fourth main thought process: Hypothesizing. Hypothesizing is making an educated guess for an unknown solution based on what you know already. These four thought processes are only one of the many used in finding patterns.

In our Connections class one of the ways we used these thought process was to find human behavior patterns. Some of the most common patterns we noticed were in body language, dress, speech and traditions.
The patterns we found in body language were, what I would consider, the most important because your body language tells nearly everything about you. If a person is slouched and quiet then they are most likely insecure about their surroundings. If a person has a relaxed stance and smiling then they are most likely confident people.
Another pattern of body language is the body language involved in greeting. There are different patterns, different expectations, in different environments. If you compare the greetings at a church to fast food restaurant then you have two completely different environments and two completely different social and body language patterns.
One of the other patterns we observed in human behavior is speech. The way people speak to a stranger compared to the way people speak to a friend are completely different, in most cases. In a church people nearly always greet each other with a smile and exuberant “Hi’s” and “How are you’s?” And in a public place like a grocery store people more often than not won’t even greet each other, they just go on with their business. The previous mentioned patterns are but a few of the many patterns we observed and recorded.

The other project we worked on with patterns was finding patterns in school. The most important pattern we noted were the questions that people get asked at a public school, and even some private schools. You get asked questions that just ask for a person to use only one or two thought processes. These questions, most of the time, just call for Recalling or Remembering. And using the thought process of Comparing and Contrasting the normal school system doesn’t stimulate the brain as much as the Connections class we are working on.

Every single lesson in Connections: Investigating Reality creates thought invoking problems that you solve by using thought processes. When the solution is found, you discover that there are so many different layers to the world. You find the patterns that connects everything in the world. Connections shows you what you are missing and makes you see new things in a new light.

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Urgent Activisim

What matters to God is the good we do toward others on his behalf. Jesus paints an astonishing image: if you want to heal the wounds of God, you nurse the wounds of the world. This is how he divides it up. The goats are those who only cared about themselves, and the sheep are those whose lives are marked by compassion and action. However you describe it, they gave themselves to create a better world.

“What matters to God is the good we do toward others on his behalf.” I love that, you could just leave that by itself and live by it. If we do good things in his name, not because we want his favor, but because we truly want to do good by his people, then we have the right idea.

Jesus makes clear that the righteous people in his parable didn’t help the poor to try to earn God’s love or earn a place in God’s kingdom. Their service to others was a genuine reflection of their hearts.

Did Jesus not show a genuine reflection of his heart in everything he did? Well of course he did, you would say, and that is true, but the other truth to this is that his heart was his fathers heart. Jesus was so in tune with God that his desires were Gods’ desires.
And Jesus said multiple times that he came for the sick, not the healthy.
So my challenge is for all of us is to tune in our heart’s desires to God’s desires. Let us all be genuine hearts after God’s heart despite the difficulties we will face. Let us all be like sheep whose lives are marked by compassion and action.

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I didn’t work on math today. Instead I watched videos and took notes for Physics. All the videos I watched were about magnetism. Whats happens when a speeding proton goes through a magnetic field, Magnetic fields and their effects on moving electrical charges, Part 2 of the proton through a magnetic field problem are the three things the videos were about.

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Creative Freedom

We are creatures of creativity and invention and innovation.

God knows who we are, He knows us before we are born and He has plans for us. As humans, as Gods creation, we have the choice. We can choose to use our creative potential or just let it waste.

You are a creative being. You are at your core a spiritual being, and your spirit is by nature creative. Creativity is the natural result of spirituality. This is why every human being has creative potential. Yet your potential will only be fully expressed in relationship to the creative God who made you creative.

If we choose to use our creative potential then we have to tap into the ultimate source of that. We must have a relationship with God. Yes, we do have the potential in ourselves but that potential can’t be achieved unless you have a spark to ignite it.
Think of it like you’re trying to build a fire. You have the kindling and place to build the fire but your have no way to light the fire. If we don’t have God in our lives then our potential is just that, potential. It’s just a possibility, but with God that potential become a raging fire, it becomes an absolute.
So what will you choose? What will you do with your creative potential? Will you choose to let it stay a creative potential? Or will you choose to make it absolute creativity?

The question is not whether someone will lead the way in creating humanity’s future. The question is, will you be among them?

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not. ~ Dr. Seuss

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I worked on the same thing I worked I yesterday in Khan. Except, today, I worked more on the skills that I had halfway completed. I achieved mastery on combining like terms with distribution, evaluating expressions in 2 variables, writing expressions, combining like terms and evaluating expressions in one variable. Overall, today was a good day for me in Khan. I didn’t do any work in Physics.

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